A new dawn in dark ride history!

The rail-based system is still the most common setup with some developments of the so-called “trackless” rides. The correct term should rather be “rail-less” rather than trackless, as the vehicles are following an existing hidden tracks, in the form of a wire concealed in the ground.


The existing Dark Ride ride system today is heavily influenced by their mechanical origins. Mainly manufactured by companies specialized in industrial equipment and marine machineries.  Despite new features being added, the show control system has not been treated as a crucial component of the experience. At least, not until Rogue Rides entered into the market!

Electric dark rides are about to celebrate their 100 years anniversary, known in the US as “Pretzel Rides” they came to Europe and inherited the name from their first usage: “Ghost Trains”. Since then, technology has improved much with systems surpassing the antique mechanical systems. Yet, the evolution has been limited when it comes to media -based content and technologies like interactivity.


Founded by industry veterans, Rogue Rides is bringing a totally fresh and innovative approaches to the genre. Instead of sophisticated mechanical rides, stacking up layers of technology, Rogue Rides takes a different path. The primary goal is to first define the desired ride experience first and then design this experience by using the simplest ride system possible, infused with the most suitable technologies.