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All-Digital - Full-Motion - Ride System


Seasoned and rooted in the themed entertainment industry, the Rogue Rides team offers ride systems for rogue yet unadulterated fun! No boundaries or fixed tracks to follow, but full-motion vehicles integrating show control and all latest technologies for immersive and exhilarating experiences.


Hassle-free installation and integration, reliable and affordable vehicles with easy maintenance and smooth upgrades so each ride can evolve and synchronize with new technology developments. Choose from a wide range of vehicle types for each ride configuration to meet the highest visitor expectations.


Rogue Rides is present in US, Asia and Europe, teaming up with master planners, attraction designers, ride engineers and developers to comprise the best solution together.


As a BoldMove Nation partner, and in concert with top creative experts, Rogue Rides contributes to creating happier worlds.


So let’s team up and enjoy new off-track rides with full-scale fun! 


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A coherent product line designed with building block strategy.  This means easier availability of parts, reduction of costs, and possibility to choose the best fit system for each ride experience.




A technology laboratory consolidating simple mechanical design with powerful software.  In layman terms, introducing products that are easy to maintain with smooth upgrade for future applications.


A company platform combining European creative talents in Dark Ride design and ride engineering with solid technical, software, and production backbone in Asia.


A genuine trackless system which requires no specific foundation work; meaning that the system can be easily redeployed, amended or even relocated.



State of the art components with no compromise to performance: Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries, SLAM based guidance system, AI based show control, automatic “return to base” for recharging. 

suitable for most buildings and ride configurations

rotating on its own conferring “square turning radius

Spectre One

capable of transporting up to 6 people

computer-driven circuit

exceptional operating capability while remaining lightweight

lidar-based SLAM system

long-lifecycle lithium batteries (LiFePO4)

no guiding wires or rails required.

easily adaptable to visitor preferences or specific scenarios

Rogue Rides Vehicles

Spectre One

A cutting edge technology Dark Ride trackless vehicle

State-of-the-Art entry-level Vehicle 


Rogue Rides Spectre One represents the entry model of the Spectre Family and offers following benefits:


  • capable of transporting up to 6 people

  • no guiding wires or rails required

  • rotating on its own conferring “square turning radius”

  • long-lifecycle lithium batteries (LiFePO4)

  • Lidar-based SLAM system

  • computer-driven circuit

  • exceptional operating capability while remaining lightweight 

  • suitable for most buildings and ride configurations

  • easily adaptable to visitor preferences or specific scenarios


The Rogue Rides Spectre One will be the solution of choice for smaller rides and relatively narrow scenes. For larger scenes, we advise the Spectre Two version which is capable of “sliding” in front of screens and scenes. 


Spectre Two

A submarine shaped Dark ride vehicle with 2 degrees of freedom (2DOF)

Spinning Trackless Vehicle


The Rogue Rides Spectre Two is the combination of the Spectre One moving and rotating base with a rotating capsule. The combination of these two features offers a great versatility and flexibility; with ability to “slide” in front of large scenes; self-turning; and possibility to “modulate” the spinning force like in no other vehicle on the market today.


Rogue Rides Spectre Two features all the benefits as for the other members of the Sceptre family with regards to batteries, guidance system, self-docking and many others.  It is the perfect choice for medium thrill rides featuring media or long scenes.



Spectre Six

A 6DOF ultimate dark ride vehicle featuring trackless technology

High-Thrill Trackless Vehicle 


To create a high thrill-level attraction, we can comfortably say that the Rogue Ride Spectre Six ticks all the boxes: this high-end system features a moving platform over the junior Spectre family members; added rotating platform; and a motion-based simulator; while being a little bulkier than the other vehicles. It truly makes no concessions and the computer controlled system will enable the creation of the most advanced movements. 


Two-direction communication between the vehicles and the control center, as well as the communication between the vehicles, allow for mind blowing “choreographies” that can only be seen in the largest parks and venues.



All your questions answered


Why trackless vehicle? 

The question is not “why” using trackless vehicles but “when” to use trackless vehicles. Trackless vehicles come with a wide array of features that need to be used to their fullest to make the technological choice worthwhile. Trackless vehicles will be at their best when you want to obtain an evolving and dynamic ride, based on visitors scores or decisions, or if you want to exploit multiple tracks (such as Disney’s Mystic Manor or Winnie the Pooh). Trackless vehicles are also perfectly suited to exploit less optimal venues (i.e. venues which have load of pillars, or narrow passages, in which case the ability to move back and forth on the same track will prove to be priceless.


Note that simple track layouts or gameplays can also be successfully addressed with track-based systems, which makes this option still relevant in some cases.


Can I easily change my Dark Ride 

This is one of the features most claimed when dealing with media-based dark rides.  While contents can be changed seamlessly it is not always so easy to change the entire ride. However, we have to remind you that, firstly, visitors never get tired of a good ride as these have very long lifespans; and secondly, a dark ride is not a series of screens, but combines decorations, soul, and atmospheres so nothing is transformed easily! Yet, using a trackless vehicle can give the option to make some modifications like changing the order of the vehicles; add or remove scenes; shorten or prolong the ride based on visitors feedbacks; or for any other purpose.


Where are the vehicles produced and which standards do they abide by? 

Rogue Rides vehicles are produced in Asia, using controllers and sensors sourced from the best American and European suppliers. It is a perfect combination of an industrial grade construction process combined with an intense approach on the software side of the application. Our vehicles abide by all western and eastern standards.


What is SLAM? 

In an open environment, a car, bicycle or pedestrian, could locate himself with a GPS system, deducting its position from the signal received by a constellation of satellites. With indoor installations, positioning becomes more complicated as it is impossible to connect with the satellites providing the guidance. There are then two possibilities: either recreate such network of internal ‘satellites’, which is problematic due to the presence of obstructions such as decors, or use ‘smart’ vision systems to locate themselves. 


This is the purpose of SLAM, which stands for Simultaneous Location And Mapping system. Sensors (usually laser radars) are constructing a digital map outlining the vehicles and locating them throughout the venue. In the case of dark rides, the sensors just have to compare what they ‘see’ to a map of the ride that loaded in their memory.  So, with SLAM, vehicles are no different than a person, that would simply use a map and compare it to what they actually see....


Wire or Laser guided?

There are two “schools” in the field of trackless dark ride vehicle guiding systems: wire-based systems and laser-based solutions. 

In case of wire-based systems, the vehicles follow a wire concealed in the ground.  The wire needs to be positioned when the ride is built, so the itinerary remains fixed and until a new wire is installed. The sensors on the ride system need to be sensitive enough not to “miss” the cable which could result in a vehicle stopping or, even worse, spinning wildly.

With a laser-based “SLAM” system, the vehicle “sees the environment” using special sensor cameras. The obstacles are registered and therefore vehicles don’t run the risk of getting lost.  Besides the track can be easily amended if the ride is to be changed or improved. This technology is used amongst other in self driving cars and is clearly the way forward.


Should I go for 1DOF, 2DOF or 6DOF ?

The amount of Degrees Of Freedom (DOF), in other terms, the amount of movements a vehicle should do will depend on the usage and the message of the ride as well as the available budget.  More movements add more dynamic to the ride; however, more dynamic means higher energy use and heavier vehicles to store this energy.  So rather than deciding from the start on the number of movements, one has to ask when and where those movements will be needed. Then it is time to apply some creativity:  for instance, if the ride only needs stronger movement in a few areas, then it makes sense to use a motion platform where the vehicle can “step” in those particular places. We have selected three different models of vehicles to cover the whole range of usage and for the rest, creativity is king!


How do I get my Dark Ride project started?

Rogue Rides can supply the vehicles based on your requirements, if you know what you need or if you work with an attraction or ride designer.  Rogue Rides is also member of the BoldMove Nation, which is a group of companies with sole ambition to create superior attractions that will fit your budget, requirements, and demographics.  BoldMove will provide you all the help you need to bring your project to fruition and will be at your service to cruise safely through the various stages of the attraction production, from idea to completion.


Any other questions?

Contact us now on hello@rogue-rides.com

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